The NCT Member That’s Being Dubbed The “Chanel Bag Maniac”

“Seems like he’s a collector who actually USES them…”

For most people, owning a designer bag is probably something they can only dream of, or at least have to save up a lot of money to afford. For one K-Pop idol, however, it seems that he practically has a different Chanel bag for every outfit.

Chanel bag costing $6,200 USD | Chanel

In fact, he’s been seen with so many different Chanel bags that he’s been given the title “Chanel Bag Maniac” recently.

Chanel bag costing $5,000 USD | Chanel

The K-Pop idol in question? NCT‘s YangYang.

YangYang (NCT) | SBS

Despite his usual more causal streetwear that he’s seen in on a regular basis, YangYang somehow makes a Chanel bag match his outfits seamlessly.

It’s unclear just how many of them he owns, but it’s definitely at least several, as he has been seen with many different ones!

From smaller shoulder bags to larger cinch bags, YangYang is practically a model for the Chanel brand with how often he’s seen sporting their products!

Many people would probably be too afraid of ruining such an expensive accessory to take them out as often as YangYang does, but that doesn’t seem to be a concern for him!

Here’s how people are reacting to the many photos of YangYang with Chanel bags in a post on a Korean forum discussing the matter.

Maybe YangYang will end up as an ambassador for Chanel if he keeps being so loyal to the brand!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa