NCT Nation Concert Floods During Storm, And NCTzens Have Mixed Reactions

Would you have stayed?

NCT are currently on their NCT NATION : To The World tour.

NCT | @NCTsmtown/X

They just performed their second concert in Osaka, Japan. 


As always, NCT delivered a phenomenal show showcasing each unit’s talent and uniqueness.

But the performances are not the only thing that will make Japanese NCTzens remember that night. It also started raining heavily during the concert, so much so that Winwin prayed, and Xiaojun tried to make it stop.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not an NCTzen because it rained a lot. So, the rain made an appearance in many fancams.

It was a straight-up storm as thunder and lightning also struck. It even ended up flooding the venue.

The rain didn’t stop, but neither did NCT. The show must go on!

Those NCTzens in attendance had mixed feelings about the concert. Considering the flooding, some felt it should have been canceled, while others were still happy to see NCT live.

International NCTzens have mixed reactions about it, though. Others were concerned it was a safety hazard for the NCT members and staff.

Yet, some NCTzens pointed out that staff shared an insensitive post via NCT’s official Instagram Stories.


oh no 🥲 ctto. #nctnation

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Yet, as the flood videos went viral across social media, others reacted unseriously. Many joked about the irony of the situation, considering NCT’s rain-themed songs, such as NCT U’s “Rain Day.”


GIMME THAT NECTAR nct #nct127 #nctdream #wavy #kpop #fyp #xyzbca

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Would you have stayed?

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