The Final Line-Up Of NCT’s New Subunit Is Announced Following A Surprising Plot Twist — But Some Netizens Aren’t Happy

Are you to meet the newest members of NCT?

Over the last few weeks, fans of NCT have tuned into NCT Universe: LASTART as eleven talented trainees worked for the chance to join the group’s newest subunit.

| SM Entertainment

In this final episode, the trainees split into two teams to perform two of NCT U‘s tracks, “90s Love” and “Boss.” Sion and Yushi were included in both songs due to their confirmed status as members.

After receiving comments from the judging team, the new NCT members were announced! It was previously stated that this unit would be NCT Tokyo, but this was not confirmed in the episode, with the group being called NCT New Team instead.

After their official SM Rookies introductions, Sion and Yushi were already confirmed to debut in the new unit.

NCT’s Yushi (left) and Sion (right) | @smrookies/Twitter

The first to be announced was 18-year-old Daeyoung. Daeyoung was added to the program in episode four.

NCT’s Daeyoung | KOCOWA

Next to be announced was the show’s youngest contestant, Sakuya. At 15 years old, Sakuya will be the youngest member of NCT overall.

NCT’s Sakuya | KOCOWA

20-year-old Japanese trainee Riku was the next to be announced for the new group.


Before the sixth, supposedly final member, was announced, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk revealed that one more trainee would be added to the final team, making the debut number seven.

Jungmin was announced to be the next member joining NCT’s newest unit after ranking first in the previous challenges.

NCT’s Jungmin | KOCOWA

The final member announced to be a new member of NCT was 16-year-old Ryo.


While many fans are naturally upset some of their favorites did not make it into the group, others are not excited over the ages of the new members, especially Ryo and Sakuya.

During the episode, it was also announced that the new unit will perform at the upcoming NCT Nation concerts in Japan.

What do you think of the newest members?

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