Koreans Impressed With Hangul Handwriting Of NCT’s Non-Korean Members

“They write better than me…it’s so neat.”

NCT‘s non-Korean members have been receiving attention from Korean netizens for having extremely neat (and cute) Hangul handwriting.


The non-Korean NCT members are known to have their own Korean language study group and have apparently been studying together since their trainee days.


Considering the fact that Korean is not their native language, these members’ handwriting seems to reflect the effort they put into their studies:















Netizens have been extremely impressed and even touched by how well these non-Korean members write the Korean language!

  • “How can they write better than me…?”
  • “Look at Yuta’s, he writes prettier than me…I wonder if he writes Japanese that pretty too…”
  • “They write better than me…it’s so neat.”
  • “Yuta’s handwriting is seriously so neat, I’ve never seen a foreigner write so well.”
Source: Pann Nate