NCT Officially Announced As Currently Having 21 Members, Including WayV

NCTzens knew OT21 was real all along but not all of them.

SM Entertainment‘s Chris Lee, a member of their board of directors and the executive of A&R, revealed something all NCTzens wanted to know: the status of WayV.

Although WayV debuted with a Chinese version of NCT 127‘s “Regular” and included members Ten, Winwin, Lucas, and Kun, it was unclear for some whether or not the group was still a part of NCT. And, Label V‘s involvement made it all the more confusing.

But, Label V was simply created as a company to exclusively manage WayV’s promotions. Chris Lee explained that NCT has different sub-units for different markets, making WayV one of those units. He stated, “Currently, NCT consists of 21 members,” including new members Yangyang, Xiaojun, and Hendery.

NCTzens were more than excited to hear the actual words from someone within the company because most of them were 100% certain they were connected. Did you know all along or were you somewhat unsure?