NCT’s Renjun And Chenle Hilariously Reveal Which Olympic Events They (And Jeno) Would Compete In

NCT DREAM at the 2024 Olympics? 🤔

Now that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are well underway, the members of NCT have been talking about the competition and even hypothesizing which event they would participate in, if they were Olympic athletes!

Chenle (left) and Renjun (right).

During a livestream on Weibo, Renjun and Chenle received a comment asking why Jeno isn’t competing in the Olympics. The two members found it hilarious!

Chenle said Jeno should do weight lifting, and Renjun said he should try thumb wrestling.

NCTzens have been saying Jeno should compete in cycling, as the idol has shown his love for the sport numerous times!

Jeno cycling for a YouTube vlog. | NCT DAILY/YouTube 

Chenle then asked Renjun what event he would compete in, and he said he would want to do archery.

Chenle questioned if Renjun even knew how to do archery, to which Renjun said this is all supposed to be hypothetical!

Renjun also said he would want to try diving, but he can’t hold his breath underwater and would have to hold his nose!

Chenle picked basketball and table tennis as his events, and recently said he has been watching those matches when he has time. He also watched the soccer and badminton tournaments!

Though this was all just for fun, who knows, maybe we’ll see NCT at the Olympics in some form or another in the future!