NCT’s Renjun Reveals First Impressions Of New Members Sungchan And Shotaro

“First of all, he’s really nice… we got along quickly.” – Renjun

While fans were excited to see NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV all promoting together for NCT 2020, what everyone hadn’t seen coming was the introduction of two entirely new members: Sungchan and Shotaro.

| NCT/YouTube
| NCT/YouTube

Fans aren’t the only ones getting to know them. In his recent live broadcast, Renjun shared his first impressions of the two and how well they get along.

| 黄仁俊_RENJUN/Weibo

Since all twenty-three members have been hard at work, Renjun couldn’t go without mentioning what everyone was curious about. “With our album coming out, we also welcomed two new members.”

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Renjun started with the younger of the two. He wasn’t too familiar with Sungchan because they hadn’t had a chance to connect. Renjun did reveal something interesting.

He wasn’t a new face, “I’ve seen Sungchan at the company a lot, but we didn’t get to do stuff together. I did see him around for a long time, though.” Sungchan had been preparing to make his debut far longer than everyone thought. That wasn’t the case for Shotaro.

While Sungchan had been a face that Renjun saw often, Shotaro was a total newcomer. “But Shotaro hasn’t really been here that long, so I haven’t met up with him too many times.” Even so, Renjun was able to figure how what kind of person he was.

From their encounters so far, Renjun shared how easy it was to be around Shotaro because of their age. He even shared a few of his language tips since Shotaro is Japanese, “First of all, he’s really nice… And since we’re the same age, we got along quickly. I also taught him some Korean.”

Tapping into what makes NCT unique, everyone will be along for the ride as they get to know Sungchan and Shotaro—even NCT themselves. See Renjun give NCTzens a taste of what to expect from the group’s newest members.