NCT DREAM’s Renjun Had The Cutest Interactions With Staff Members During His Chinese New Year Livestream

Making dumplings is no easy task, and Renjun needed the extra help.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, NCT DREAM‘s Renjun held a Weibo livestream to make dumplings with fans.

| 黄仁俊_RENJUN/Weibo

But what had NCTzens ‘aww-ing’ were his numerous interactions with the two staff members assisting his livestream. Renjen admits that he has never made dumplings before, and asks the staff if they have.

Staff: I don’t know how to make dumplings, I’m here to learn from you!

Renjun: Then who am I supposed to ask?!

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Because it was his first time, Renjun kept looking towards the staff members to ask for their assistance and opinions. The staff reassured him by saying “the process isn’t important, as long as you have the result at the end.” Spoiler: even with all his worrying, the dumplings did indeed come out fine in the end.

Staff: After we eat your dumplings can we rate them?

Renjun: Of course, please! but you probably won’t like them. Whether they taste good or not, at least the color will be very pretty.
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The staff were clearly just as excited about his dumplings as NCTzens were, seeing as they were prepared to eat before the event.

Staff: We didn’t eat dinner so we could eat your dumplings!

Renjun: Isn’t that putting more pressure on me??

| 黄仁俊_RENJUN/Weibo

Renjun ended up taking much longer than he expected, spending 40 minutes on making three different sets of colored dumpling peels

Renjun: Is there really no one making dumplings with me? I just wanted to confirm again. I really hope there’s someone doing it with me.

Staff: Those who are have probably already ate theirs. They can’t wait that long for you.

Renjun: …am I that slow?!

| 黄仁俊_RENJUN/Weibo

While he made the dumplings, Renjun talked freely to the staff and fans about visiting family during Chinese New Years.

Renjun: I’m kind of curious as to what fans hear from their family the most during New Years. Grades? Or do you hear a lot about having a boyfriend or girlfriend? Marriage? Kids? Or work?
Staff: I don’t
Renjun: You don’t? That’s because you’re married and have a job.
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Renjun even had a mini competition with the two staff members, asking fans to vote on which of their dumplings looked the best. The loser would have to sing and dance to NCT DREAM’s “My First and Last.”

Renjun: The sister (staff) who has been chatting with me, also the sister who I wish would sing and dance for us, wrapped this dumpling.

Staff: It looks the best, it looks the best!
| 黄仁俊_RENJUN/Weibo
Finally, after an hour and a half of hard labor, the dumplings were cooked and it was time to eat!
Staff: I’m going to be honest.

Renjun: Yes, please be honest.

Staff: ….mmm!

Renjun: [laughs] Why do i feel like that was kind of fake?

| 黄仁俊_RENJUN/Weibo

All jokes aside, the dumplings looked and tasted great!

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