NCT’s “RESONANCE Pt.2” Album Teaser Sparks Heated Online Debate Over Its Plagiarism Allegation

NCTzens believe it’s simply a common concept widely used for group photoshoots.

On November 8, NCT tweeted a photo…

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

… as their “RESONANCE Pt.2” album teaser for NCTzens.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Shortly after the reveal, however, some Korean netizens grew convinced that the concept…

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

… is allegedly “plagiarized” from fashion brand SUNNEI‘s “SPRING SUMMER 2020 CAMPAIGN”.

| @sunnei/Instagram

One even pointed out that member Sungchan is “dressed in pretty much the same outfit” as one that a model is seen wearing in SUNNEI’s promotional picture.

SUNNEI model (left) and NCT’s Sungchan (right) in the same “I HATE FASHION” vest. | @sunnei/Instagram & @NCTsmtown/Twitter 

The color schemes, the outfits, the overall layout and concept… are simply all too similar. And some random 2020 S/S fashion shoot is not something to be homaged, so that go-to excuse won’t work either… If this isn’t plagiarism, then tell me what is. At the very least, the SUNNEI campaign must have been some sort of a reference. In which case, I really hope SM Entertainment at least got in touch with and talked to SUNNEI about using it as a reference.

— Netizen

While NCT’s fans have come to the group’s defense and claimed that “such themes and outfits are common to retro concepts and so cannot be seen as plagiarism“…

  • “People standing like that in group pictures is one of the most common poses… I can’t believe people think this is plagiarism.”
  • “Every high school graduation photo is plagiarizing the SUNNEI campaign then. Give me a break. And as for the outfits, perhaps the brand sponsored the look. Who are we to say?”
  • “NCT has been doing group shots like this for ages now. It looks like the SUNNEI campaign because both pictures have a lot of people in them. They’re all wearing similar retro outfits. They’re all standing still. That isn’t enough reason to call it plagiarism though…”


… the suspicion continues to grow.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter
Source: THEQOO