Here’s NCT Shotaro’s Fool-Proof Way To Make Friends

It works for the idol every time and can do the same for you.

During NCT‘s Shotaro‘s interview with Japanese magazine MEN’S NON-NO, he shared the secret to his “beloved younger brother character” and why it was so easy for him to make friends.

Shotaro | @showyou_dtv/Twitter

As soon as Shotaro debuted, he quickly won over fans because of his lovable personality and gained the title of a sweet younger brother. Shotaro admitted that it came naturally to him, “Looking back, there were a lot of people who were always smiling, so I think I just absorbed it naturally.

Shotaro and Yuta. | @showyou_dtv/Twitter

While he’s gifted in socializing, that doesn’t mean Shotaro doesn’t put effort into approaching people. To help out readers who needed a bit of help talking to others, he shared his method for breaking the ice and quickly making friends.

Taeyong, Shotaro, and Mark. | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

Because Shotaro can be shy as well, he reassured everyone that it took courage to approach others. He said, “It’s hard to be spontaneously friendly or to fit right in out of the blue, so what I do is talk to someone that is near me first.

| @showyou_dtv/Twitter

When starting a conversation, Shohtaro recommended keeping it simple. He offered, “It could be something simple as ‘What did you do today?’ or ‘What did you do yesterday?’ Anything really.

| @_shotaroo_/Instagram

From there, Shotaro gave an example of how to open up the conversation and keep the good times rolling.

If the conversation continues, you ask that person something that is easy to answer, like ‘What’s your most favorite movie these days?’

And just like that, the conversation goes on… Was that okay? I wish I could give everyone a more serious form of advice, but this is what it’s like for me.

— Shotaro

Shotaro and Sungchan. | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

Shotaro’s simple advice matches his easy-going personality. He also gave one final piece of advice of kindness going a long way.

No need to overdo it. Just take captive of the nearest person!

Also, remember to find someone who looks easy to talk to. If you’re polite to others, they’re sure to be nice to you!

— Shotaro

| @_shotaroo_/Instagram

While it may be tough to make new friends, Shotaro’s simple way of starting a conversation should make it much easier. Just look at how close he’s become to the NCT members and the staff.

Ten, Yuta, Shotaro, and Taeil. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter
Source: MEN'S NON-NO