NCT’s Shotaro And Stray Kids’ Han Show Off Their Unexpected Friendship At The “2022 ISAC”

Viewers are still processing how close the two idols are.

Fans aren’t the only ones falling for NCT‘s Shotaro‘s warm personality.

Shotaro | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

Thanks to a heartwarming interaction between Shotaro and Stray Kids‘ Han at the 2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships, also known as ISAC, fans are loving their unexpected friendship.

Han | @realstraykids/Instagram

When the NCT members walked by, Shotaro couldn’t continue without greeting Han. Shotaro stopped in his tracks and gave his senior a handshake.

It turns out the two were so close that Shotaro leaned in for a quick hug, surprising and delighting viewers.

The idols, who were both born in 2000, even took a moment to chat with each other while holding hands.

As Shotaro waved goodbye, it looked like he still wasn’t finished catching up with his friend Han. Completely understanding their time limit, Han kept his goodbye just as simple.

The friendship between Han and Shotaro was such a pleasant surprise that the moment went viral. Maybe fans will see even more of their sweet friendship from now on.

Source: Twitter