NCT’s Shotaro Tells Vogue Korea His Inspiration, Dream, And What Dance Means To Him

His words are so inspiring!

NCT‘s Shotaro only just debuted last September with NCT 2020, but the idol is already making waves thanks to his incredible dance skills and kind personality.

Shotaro in a feature for Vogue Korea.

In a recent interview with Vogue Korea, Shotaro talked about his experience joining NCT after once seeing them in concert, his interest in fashion, and what dance means to him.

| @_shotaroo_/Instagram

When asked why he dances, Shotaro said there’s nothing specific: “…Whenever I’m happy, whenever I’m stressed… I would listen to music and [dancing] came naturally to me. I love it without reason.

The idol explained that he gets ideas for his choreography through the visual inspiration of an album cover!

For me specifically, when I look at the album cover design and then listen to the track… I can understand the vibe of the track a lot better. And that helps me choreograph. I think the album design is a huge part of how I become inspired.

— Shotaro

Shotaro on set for his “Wake Up” performance video. | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

Shotaro studied dancing for a decade and was a member of a well-known Japanese dance group before deciding to join SM Entertainment as a member of NCT.

In the interview, Shotaro expressed his desire to be a good influence and even teach kids who may not have dance mentors available to them.

Vogue Korea: You seem to care a lot about being a good influence.

Shotaro: Yes, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to become. Someday, I hope I can teach dance for kids who want to learn but don’t have the means of getting that support. I guess, to do that, I’ll have to work harder. Right?

Check out Shotaro’s dance performance video “Wake Up” below!

Source: Vogue Korea