SM Entertainment Announces A Major Change In NCT’s Unit System

It’s part of the launch of SM 3.0.

SM Entertainment has answered fans’ questions in their latest video on the development of SM 3.0. Although HYBE has officially become the largest shareholder of SM Entertainment, SM 3.0 is continuing its launch with Kakao‘s assistance.

In the video, SM Entertainment co-CEOs Lee Sung Soo (also known as Chris Lee) and Tak Young Jun addressed fans of SM Entertainment who have been concerned about their favorite artists throughout the development of SM 3.0 and HYBE’s M&A.

Tak Young Jun and Lee Sung Soo | SMTOWN/YouTube

The two first addressed fans’ concerns about SM Entertainment’s method of protecting their artists, introducing “KWANGYA 119” as a way “to receive reports [of slander] and tip-offs in a more systematic way, and to proactively address illegal activities.

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Before elaborating on how SM 3.0 will impact their artists’ activities. The first change will be how SM Entertainment discloses planned activities; with the new system, SM Entertainment hopes to “plan activities in advance and swiftly inform [their] fans.

SM 3.0’s new Multi Production Centers should allow for better management of artists, including updating fans | SMTOWN/YouTube

SM 3.0 will also prioritize “[ensuring] contents are not concentrated on certain artists,” wanting to maintain a balance in promoting all of their artists, which fans have often voiced concerns about in the past.

Finally, SM 3.0 is making an essential change to NCT‘s unit system. Initially, NCT was formed as a group with “limitless expansion.” Although there are fixed units in NCT (NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV), the unit NCT U changes its lineup depending on the concept allowing for new members to be added to NCT continually.

Members of NCT

In the video, the co-CEOs explained, “With the debut of NCT Tokyo (tentative name) in 2023, NCT’s infinite expansion is scheduled to end.”

Lee Sung Soo shared that this allows SM Entertainment to “support the existing members as much as possible,” wanting to meet fans’ desire for NCT members to “engage in much more diverse activities.”

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This announcement was met mainly with support from fans, who especially appreciate that NCT Hollywood, a previously announced unit, won’t be debuting.

Along with NCT Tokyo’s debut, the “Artist activity plan” for 2023 includes multiple exciting activities for the group that fans can look forward to, including multiple albums and tours.

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