NCT Sungchan’s Archery Skills Leaves ATEEZ Shook At The “2022 ISAC”

They weren’t ready, especially Hongjoong 😂

During the 2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC), ATEEZ and NCT had a fun time completing the archery round, laughing together when they had time to chat.

| @dancingtaro/Twitter 

They even cheered each other on and took it to the next level when Sungchan‘s archery skills left ATEEZ thoroughly impressed.

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When Sungchan got into position with his bow and arrow, his elegant and focused movements resulted in a perfect score of ten.

As soon as the ATEEZ members saw the beautiful shot, all of their mouths dropped open. Mingi, Wooyoung, Seonghwa, and San jumped out of their seats in surprise.

Yeosang put his hands in the air to show just how mind-blown he was. The whole group was just as quick to clap in congratulations, showing the best sportsmanship. Shotaro and Jungwoo were just as excited.

The moment had everyone loving how close the two groups became during the event and how supportive they were towards each other.

Sungchan | @Ustinian_sc/Twitter

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