NCT’s Sungchan Gets Adorably Nervous As First-Time Inkigayo MC

It was cute how nervous he was, and he did a great job!

As one of Inkigayo‘s new MC’s, and his first time ever as an MC in general, NCT‘s Sungchan was understandably nervous, which only made fans fall for him even more because of his adorableness.

| NCT/YouTube

Sungchan shared how he couldn’t fall asleep because of how nervous he was for his first MC role, and worried over every small detail for his special stage performance.

I’ve been preparing for being an MC, memorizing the script, and preparing for the stage as well. So I couldn’t fall asleep because I got nervous.

— Sungchan

When he got to the waiting room, he said his “heart flutter[ed] a lot” because he remembered being there previously to record a performance as NCT U.

Since I’m all by myself after being with all the members, I feel…a little lonely…

— Sungchan

But don’t worry, fellow members Haechan and Jaehyun showed their support for Sungchan by delivering him boba and coffee.

| NCT/YouTube

To make matters more nerve-wracking, Sungchan got to meet SHINee on his first day, and his nervousness to meet them showed through adorably.

Even after he finished his duties as MC, Sungchan cutely shared that he was still nervous, and that he will continue to do his best. NCTzens will be cheering him on!