NCT’s Taeil Appears In Latest Issue Of Harper’s BAZAAR — Thanks To His Iconic Mullet

Taeil’s mullet deserves all the love!

The mullet is back — and if you need proof, look no further than NCT‘s own Taeil!

Taeil is a main vocalist of NCT. | @mo.on_air/Instagram

Taeil’s mullet, fondly referred to by fans as the “Tullet,” made its first appearance for NCT 127‘s 2016 track “Limitless.”


Since then, he’s had the hairstyle multiple times, like during NCT 127’s Neozone era in 2020!

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Taeil recently appeared in the August issue of Harper’s BAZAAR in a segment all about the hairstyle. A Korean NCTzen was flipping through the pages when they saw his face!

Oh wow, I found Taeil in a magazine?!
I was skimming through this month’s Harper’s Bazaar… It caught me off guard to find such a familiar face in it LOL.
That’s definitely my boy Taeil…to show what a mullet cut is!
What a FI! (For fashion icon!)

— Netizen

Taeil appeared in the August issue of Harper’s BAZAAR. | Anonymous user/Theqoo

Trends will always find their way back, don’t they? The mullet, also known as the ‘Kim Byung Ji cut’ and the ‘wolf cut’ to Koreans, is coming back and challenging guys to try the hairstyle. The mullet style leaves hair short in the front and long in the back, giving it an avant-garde vibe. And, since the rise of ‘genderless’ styles, the mullet has become a trendy look for both men and women.

Harper’s BAZAAR

This isn’t the first time Taeil’s mullet grabbed media attention! Back in 2020 when NCT 127 performed at the Houston Rodeo, Taeil’s mullet made it onto ABC news.

A segment on ABC news talked about NCT 127’s performance and the return of the mullet. | Moon Taeil’s Other Half/YouTube

Fans all agree that Taeil absolutely rocks the mullet look!

Source: Theqoo, YouTube and Instagram