NCT’s Taeil Accidentally Earns Himself Free Pizza From Pizza Hut—Here’s What Happened

He would be a great spokesperson for Pizza Hut!

NCT‘s Taeil just earned himself free pizza from Pizza Hut!

NCT’s Taeil | @mo.on_air/Instagram

An NCTzen recently had a fansign call with Taeil, and she asked him to tell her anything he wanted as the call was approaching its end. The fan was surprised when Taeil decided to recommend what she should have for dinner!

| @taei1cutie/Twitter

Taeil recommended that the fan order pan pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner. After the call, the fan tweeted and said she had ordered Pizza Hut thanks to Taeil’s recommendation.

I’m done… Like, he said I should eat a pan pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner. So I ordered delivery to a hotel where I’m staying alone……
I mean, I did ask him to tell me anything he wanted. I was not expecting him to give me a dinner menu recommendation (down to the brand).
He said SPECIFICALLY a Pizza Hut pan pizza. Only that and nothing else.

— @taei1cutie

NCTzens thought Taeil’s Pizza Hut recommendation was funny and cute, and apparently, Pizza Hut did, too. Pizza Hut Korea tweeted a message to Taeil that we’re sure NCT’s biggest pan pizza enthusiast was thrilled about!

Pizza Hut tweeted to let Taeil know they wanted to give him a free pan pizza to thank him for mentioning the franchise, but they weren’t sure how to get it to him. They asked him to take a tasting ticket for a free pizza and told him he didn’t even have to verify his identity to get his free pizza!

Dear NCT’s Taeil,
We like you… No, we LOVE you… ❤️
We want to send you a pan pizza as a token of gratitude, but we’re not sure how to get it to you. 🥲 PLEASE, please take the Pizza Hut tasting ticket…!!! We don’t even need you to verify your identity. As fans, we simply want you to ENJOY and that would be enough. 👌🏽#Taeil #NCT Forever…✨

— Pizza Hut

NCTzens loved seeing Taeil get recognized by Pizza Hut, and some fans even ordered their own pizza to celebrate!

| @dongilsky/Twitter