NCT’s Taeil Creates His Own Instagram Account, And The Members Are More Excited Than Anybody

With no profile picture or bio, he has already gained over 1 million followers!

NCT‘s Taeil is the latest member to open his own Instagram account!

Earlier today, NCTzens began to speculate whether a new Instagram account belonged to Taeil, although it had no name or user image. Theories were confirmed when some of the other NCT members announced that Taeil had created an Instagram account with the handle @mo.on_air. Johnny, MarkDoyoung, Jaehyun, Taeyong, and Yuta were some of the first accounts to follow as well.

Shortly after, Taeil updated fans with his first post, a selfie. He captioned it, “On air,” with a lightbulb emoji.

He, along with some of the members, even liked his own post! The post now has over 1 million likes.

| @mono_air/Instagram

Being the supportive friend he is, Mark posted some pictures of Taeil on his Instagram Stories, encouraging fans to follow him. Taeil then reposted one of the pictures on his Stories, saying that he still finds the app too difficult.

Instagram is still too difficult, Makkkeu

— Taeil

| @mo.on_air/Instagram & @onyourm_ark/Instagram

NCTzens have been expressing their excitement over Taeil joining Instagram, but perhaps no one is more excited than the rest of NCT!

Taeil has already hit 1 million followers after just about four hours since the creation, despite not having a profile picture, bio, or the official NCT accounts following him yet.

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