This NCT Member Beat a 407:1 Admittance Rate For A Prestigious University….And Dropped Out Because of SM

In 2013 it was THE most competitive early-admissions program in the country.

Hanyang University‘s Applied Music program is notorious for being one of the most competitive program in the country. In 2013, it was the most competitive early-admissions program in the country, beating out law and medicine at other big name schools — 2,357 applied for 5 spots, and the odds have been similar for other years.


NCT‘s Taeil was admitted to the Applied Music program, which requires not only skill but incredibly high marks in order to happen. According to netizens, he beat a 407:1 admittance rate that year.


What’s more shocking, is this all happened before he even became a trainee at SM Entertainment — eliminating rumors of getting in simply because he was a celebrity.


Around the same time he entered university, Taeil was supposedly deciding between Hanyang University or SM Entertainment.

After just one week of school, he dropped out and picked the biggest entertainment company in South Korea instead.


Taeil was also rumored to be the only male student admitted to Hanyang University’s Applied Music department that year.


It seems the oldest member of NCT has many incredible sides!

Source: Korea Joongang Daily and Nate Pann