NCT’s Taeil To Suspend Activities Due To Injury From Motorcycle Accident

We wish him a speedy recovery!

Recently, SM Entertainment released a statement regarding NCT Taeil’s injury from a car accident while riding his motorcycle home. Below is the statement released online.

Kwangya Club

Hello, we would like to inform you about NCT Taeil’s health and future schedule. On the morning of August 15, Taeil got into a car accident while riding his motorcycle home after his schedule. He was immediately taken to the hospital for a thorough examination and treatment.

As a result of the examination, he was diagnosed with a fracture in his right thigh and received the opinion of the medical staff that he needed surgery. Currently, he is recovering and receiving the necessary treatment ahead of the surgery.

With this, he will suspend all schedules for the time being to concentrate on treatment and recovery. We ask for fans’ understanding that he will not be able to attend the NCT concert, ‘NCT NATION: To The World’, on August 26.

We sincerely apologize for causing concern to fans with the sudden news. We will put the artist’s health first and focus on Taeil’s recovery so that he can meet fans again soon. Thank you.

Source: iMBC