NCT’s Taeyong Bursts Out Into A Dance Cover Of STAYC’s “ASAP” And NCTzens Think He Aced It

We can’t stop watching it!

NCT‘s Taeyong is well known for his striking visuals and intense stage presence, but the idol also has a hilarious, fun side to him that fans would know all about!

NCT’s leader, Taeyong. | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

In NCT 127‘s latest livestream, Taeyong broke out into a dance cover of STAYC‘s viral song “ASAP” that had both his members and NCTzens cracking up.

Left to right: Jungwoo, Haechan, Doyoung, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Yuta, Mark, Johnny, and Taeil of NCT 127. 

The members were joking around when Taeyong suddenly brought up “ASAP,” and Haechan asked him to show them all what he was talking about.

Taeyong surprised them by actually standing up and dancing the choreography to the song!

Johnny said Taeyong did it really well, and Jaehyun and Yuta clapped for him when he finished!

Mark hilariously confirmed with Johnny that they were currently “on live,” to which Johnny just said, “Yup!

NCTzens are obsessed to say the least! They’re loving this new addition into the collection of Taeyong’s girl group dances.

Look at this comparison, he totally killed it!

Some think it may even be related to his role as a judge on the dance competition show Street Woman Fighter! Perhaps Taeyong had to learn some girl group choreography for the show, or he’s been checking it out on his own.

Source: VLIVE and Instagram