“I’ll Change My Underwear” — NCT Taeyong’s Comment On Yuta’s Recent Post Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

Without context it does sound a little strange. 😂

NCT‘s Taeyong just left fans puzzled by a comment he left on Yuta‘s account.

NCT’s Taeyong | Mnet
NCT’s Yuta | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

For anyone that is a fan of NCT, it is well known the group are social media lurkers. At the top of the list is arguably the group’s leader, Taeyong, who seems to be camped in not only the comments of his members’ posts…

…but has basically proved he has a Twitter account where he follows some fans.

NCT’s Taeyong Inadvertently “Proves” He Has A Twitter Account Where He Follows Fans

Fans love how much Taeyong seems to be online and appreciate all of his activities., ranging from liking cute and funny videos on Instagram to spending hours playing Animal Crossing with fans.

His latest activity, however, did raise some eyebrows and involved a comment left on Yuta’s account.

On August 5, Yuta posted a song cover of Bring Me The Horizon‘s “Happy Song” to his Instagram account. The star’s personal music taste leans into heavier rock sounds, so this choice made sense but was still surprising to some fans.

Still, the comments were filled with praise for Yuta’s vocals.

A few hours after posting, Taeyong appeared in Yuta’s comments, leaving behind a message that had fans scratching their heads and checking for mistranslations.

Taeyong: Let me go change my undies and comeback
Yuta: Hahahaha

His message is an extension of the Korean term 지린다, which is used to express exhilaration, meaning to expel bodily fluids from oneself from excitement…which is why Taeyong said he would need to change his underwear.

Fans use similar terms to express their feelings about their favorite idols, so some were a little shocked to see Taeyong say something like this!

Glad Taeyong enjoyed Yuta’s amazing cover!

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