NCT Taeyong Confesses He And Ten Were Rivals As Trainees

Taeyong shared how their rivalry was beneficial for them both.

Through NCT‘s Haechan and Taeil‘s Welcome To Sun&Moon interview segment for NCT 2020, Taeyong and Ten were once again paired together as a duo. To create embarrassingly adorable moments, Haechan asked the two to share how meaningful they were to each other.

In the process, Taeyong revealed that he and Ten used to be rivals as trainees and how it helped both of them improve and grow close.

To Ten, Taeyong was someone who accepted and understood him. “All I can say is that I feel very comfortable with him. He makes me feel comfortable. We read each other’s mind by exchanging telepathy.

In regards to performing on stage, the two had such different styles that they could come together to create something fresh, “When I perform with him, I feel comfortable. We always share new ideas.

Taeyong stepped in and shared why he thought they meshed so well, “I think it’s because we’ve performed together a lot.” He also expressed how thankful he was to Ten, “To me, he’s a colleague that I’m grateful to.

He then shared one of the main reasons he was fortunate to have Ten as a member and friend. Taeyong confessed they were once rivals, “We spent our trainee days together. Back then, we were also rivals of one another.” Ten nodded in agreement.

Although being rivals with someone can spark negativity, it was the complete opposite for Taeyong and Ten.

The competitiveness between the two pushed them to improve their skills, “I learned a lot from his performances.” Ten couldn’t agree more, “Right. Right.

Their rivalry also formed a close friendship where they encourage one another constructively and positively, “I think we’ve become friends that give a good influence to each other.

If Ten and Taeyong hadn’t been friendly rivals, the two wouldn’t have improved to the level of becoming the talented dancers they are.

Check out Ten and Taeyong opening up about helping each other grow since trainee days here.


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