NCT’s Taeyong Explains How EXO’s Baekhyun Inspired His Sword Tattoo

Baekhyun said what he needed to hear when he needed it most.

During his recent Instagram live, NCT‘s Taeyong broke down the meaning of all his tattoos, including the ones on his stomach.


While Taeyong has a big tattoo of a whale, he also has two smaller ones beside it: a rose and a long sword.

Taeyong revealed the sword had been inspired by EXO‘s Baekhyun and shared the behind-the-scenes story about it.

Baekhyun and Taeyong.

When the two were promoting together, that was when Taeyong got the idea for the sword. He said, “As for the sword, I got that one when I was promoting as part of SuperM.

Taeyong opened up about the tough side of touring for SuperM. He said, “I did go through a bit of a rough time while in the states when I felt frustrated, stuck, exhausted, and angry.

Proving he’s only human, Taeyong admitted, “And even when I had to go on stage to perform, I didn’t feel too confident.” There was a bright side, though.

As Taeyong’s senior, Baekhyun never failed to give him the encouragement he needed to overcome his wavering confidence.

But each time, Baekhyun would tell me something like, ‘Go slay them all, Taeyong!’ And since then, thanks to Baekhyun, I figured out how to use the sword that I have in my heart.

— Taeyong

Because Taeyong was able to use the strength inside himself after hearing Baekhyun’s words, he couldn’t help but use the metaphor as inspiration for the tattoo.

I learned that I can’t… keep being that way. I shouldn’t be feeling so small when I have to go on stage and when I have to perform in front of the fans. So that’s why I got a sword tattooed.

— Taeyong

Despite those tough times, Taeyong had Baekhyun by his side to cheer him on. Now he has a permanent reminder of those meaningful moments and the strength inside himself.

Source: Twitter