NCT’s Taeyong Hilariously Dodges This Fan’s Pick-Up Line During A Fansign

It didn’t exactly go as planned!

Fans have creatively come up with numerous ways to get flirty responses out of idols during fansigns, but NCT‘s Taeyong knew just how to counter this one!

Taeyong from NCT. | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

During a recent fansign event held for NCT 127‘s album Sticker, Taeyong met with a fan who attempted to use a series of questions to get a certain reply from him. The conversation usually goes as follows:

Fan: Whose clothes are those?

Idol: Mine!

Fan: Whose shoes are those?

Idol: Mine!

Fan: Whose am I?

Idol: Mine!

| @_LTY06/Twitter 

It’s a clever way to get an idol to say something like that, but Taeyong threw this fan off their rhythm from the very beginning! When the fan asked who the clothes belonged to, Taeyong didn’t even say they were his; he said they belonged to the stylist team!

| @_LTY06/Twitter 

The fan didn’t give up, though, and asked who his shoes belonged to. This time Taeyong said they were his own! But when the fan asked who they belonged to, Taeyong completely surprised them.

Fan: Who do I belong to?

Taeyong: [Fan’s name]’s mom…?

| @_LTY06/Twitter 

It definitely didn’t go as planned, but no one can deny Taeyong totally went about this situation in his own smooth, clever way. Check out the video below!

Source: Twitter and Instagram