NCT Taeyong’s Inner Fanboy Jumps Out After Talking To Kim Hye Soo On The Phone

He’s just like us! 😂

NCT‘s Taeyong is a huge fan of actress Kim Hye Soo and he couldn’t hold back his excitement when he got the chance to speak with her through video call!

Taeyong from NCT. | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

In a vlog posted recently of NCT 127 backstage during their “Sticker” promotions, some members were seen video-chatting with Kim Hye Soo. JungwooJohnnyJaehyunYuta, and Doyoung were greeting her for Chuseok when Taeyong suddenly came rushing in to make sure he could say something to her!

Taeyong (blue shirt) rushing in. | NCT 127/YouTube

He gave her a big bow and even did a heart while saying, “I love you the most!

| NCT 127/YouTube 

Taeyong couldn’t get over what had happened and let fans know just how much that short moment meant to him.

Guys, I got lucky as a fan. Just the person on the video call… I feel too shy. But, that’s right, she’s the great actress; that was Kim Hye Soo. I suddenly felt super happy, thank you.

— Taeyong

| NCT 127/YouTube 

He then sent Kim Hye Soo a short but sweet video message, saying he “believes” she’ll see it.

I love you! I believe you will see it…! I’ll always support you. NCT 127 loves you and is rooting for you, Hye Soo sunbaenim. Fighting!

— Taeyong

| NCT 127/YouTube 

Seeing Taeyong react this way to someone he admires is totally relatable for any fan. We’re sure Kim Hye Soo will get his message of support! Check out the full video below.

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