NCT Taeyong’s New Dance Video Is So Sensual, It Will Take Your Breath Away

Just look at him go.

NCT‘s Taeyong is a dancing machine who has not only the moves but also the looks – and this freestyle video, filmed in the beauty of Moscow, Russia, proves that he is out to groove his way right into everyone’s hearts.


Dancing to the hit song “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, Taeyong seems completely entranced by the music.


Something is extremely sensual about the whole video – from the choice of music, to his flowy outfit, the neon lighting, and the wet street – and Taeyong blends right in like he owns the scene.

The entire video screams: sin

— YouTube ID Louie Becasio


Taeyong’s powerful but elegant choreography bless this Moscow street. His long arms and legs accentuate the moves to be extra graceful and make it looks like he is superhuman.

The way Taeyong moves his body is just so amazing and smooth? It’s so mesmerizing.

— YouTube ID Ass TheThicc


Godly in his visual, Taeyong mesmerized his fans with this dark-sexy freestyle dance video. The viewers remain mind blown and bias wrecked by K-Pop’s one-and-only NCT Taeyong.

This was so beautiful on every level like his dancing and the location was perfectly sexy, he’s seriously bias wrecking me.

— YouTube ID 606

Watch the full video here: