NCT Taeyong’s Now-Deleted Video “Mocking” LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Becomes A Hot Topic With Netizens

The original clip has been meme-ed in many different ways.

A recent video shared by NCT‘s Taeyong has become a hot topic online after some felt he was mocking LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon.

NCT’s Taeyong | SM Entertainment
LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon 

Taeyong is one of the most active members of NCT online, often sharing content to his personal TikTok in addition to the group’s main account. Last month, he went viral for a ridiculous video shared while he was in America for KCON LA 2023.


It was an overwhelming feeling that cannot be explained in words…… 🫠😎🫠😎


On September 17, following NCT’s first NCT Nation In Tokyo concert, Taeyong shared a new TikTok with Johnny and Haechan. Those watching and familiar with other K-pop groups quickly recognized where the video’s audio originated.

During LE SSERAFIM’s first concert tour’s opening in Seoul, Chaewon stammered over her line and, instead of reacting, simply gave up and turned around like nothing had happened.

The moment went viral, inspiring hilarious reactions from fans and non-fans alike.  When a fan repeated the line to her during an airport visit, even Jungkook found humor in the video, laughing in a comment.

There are memes involving the moment everywhere, including on YouTube, where an account remixed the audio with a clip from the 2009 movie Wish.

This remixed audio was used by a dancer named MOJO on his social media account, who turned it into a dance challenge.


도도…도도독….동료가 되라😂 @le_sserafim 🎶:도도독 remix-JFF Youtube #fyp #fff #foryou #문채원 #바람 #정우

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – MOJO – MOJO

Taeyong’s TikTok mimicked this clip, treating it similar to other challenges he has done before.

While comments on the original “challenge” video by MOJO and reposts found humor in the video, even expressing their desire for LE SSERAFIM to see the videos…

…Taeyong’s video inspired completely different reactions. On an online forum post, K-netizens shared their opinions, with many finding the video distasteful.

| theqoo
  • Doesn’t know when to stop, huh…?
  • I saw the video and read through all the comments here, too. To me, who isn’t a huge idol fan, the video wasn’t funny at all. Period. Now I feel bad for the fans… Chaewon’s fans are getting hurt because of the mock-y remix. And NCT fans are getting hurt because of all the hateful comments toward the artists because of the remix.
  • It’s not funny at all. Just offensive.
  • A remix challenge based on a fellow idol’s mistake? Not it.
  • [Taeyong] crossed the line with this one. What’s so difficult to understand? There’s nothing cool about this. Had it been another LE SSERAFIM member, then maybe it would’ve been considered OK. But for a completely different group to do this? Why?
  • I don’t know about crossing any lines. But I do know that it wasn’t funny at all. It’s questionable why any of them thought it’d be entertaining.
  • Actually, some LE SSERAFIM fans were not comfortable with Chaewon’s mistake turning into a huge meme… They only brushed it off because Chaewon herself said she was OK with it. But now that stupid remixes are being made… AND her colleague idols are making videos using the remix audio that doesn’t even have a lot of traction, I see why the fans got upset.
  • I thought it was cute… But I see where people are coming from.
  • I think the original Chaewon video deserved to go viral. And there are certain challenges, like the Baggy Jeans one, that aren’t exactly about the artists but aren’t all that harmful either. But this particular remix… It does seem to take things one step too far.
  • IDK. I think hating on them about this one video is overreacting.
  • It’s not all that funny anyway… Just rude.

On the other hand, some did not see an issue with the video.

| theqoo
  • How is this mockery, though? Just because he used a remixed audio? LMAO. What’s even wrong with the remixed audio?
  • I looked up the video because this post confused me… I see how the fans could be offended.
  • Eh… He messed up.
  • How is this mockery…? My gosh, idol fans are f*cking sensitive. You not being aware of something doesn’t make it “offensive” or “male humor.” At this point, male and female idols should just stop interacting with one another to make their own lives easier.
  • WTF…? People are pressed about this…?
  • Well, Chaewon’s meme is about her messing up and everyone having a good laugh about it. The remix that he used isn’t a part of that viral sensation. So it could be seen as mockery. Like, I was confused about it, too. And I’m not even a fan of either group. But wrong is wrong.
  • ISTG, I’m not an NCT fan, but don’t you all think this is honestly a huge overreaction? The remix was already in existence… How is this mockery?
  • I thought the remix was based on that one scene from the movie. Like, Chaewon’s part sounds like the character going “Do-do-do-do” in the scene. No? Is there another meaning to the remix that I’m not aware of? I don’t think Taeyong would’ve uploaded the video, had he had negative intentions to mock Chaewon.


Taeyong has since deleted the TikTok.