NCT’s Taeyong Opens His Own YouTube Channel And Teases Fans With A Peek At His Daily Life — And His Many Talents

It’s the beginning of a new era for this multi-talented king!

NCT‘s Taeyong has revealed that he is starting his own personal YouTube channel, where he intends to share moments from of his daily life and give fans a closer look at his creative process.

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

The channel was opened on February 28, but it wasn’t until March 14 that Taeyong uploaded the first teaser showing what’s to come.

| TY TRACK/YouTube

Taeyong’s new channel is named TY TRACK in reference to his iconic line in Red Velvet‘s “Be Natural,” which Taeyong featured in when he was still a rookie.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

In the teaser Taeyong explains that TY TRACK will allow him to show his daily life, his music and dance projects, and also what goes on behind the scenes of performances. This is exciting because fans will not only be able to have a closer look at Taeyong’s prowess as a dancer, performer, and choreographer…

| TY TRACK/YouTube

…but they will also get a good look at many of Taeyong’s other impressive talents, including his cooking skills…

…his talent for art…

…and, of course, his language skills, as he speaks in English for a considerable length of the teaser, perhaps hinting at how TY TRACK is going global!

There’s already a lot to look forward to from Taeyong’s new YouTube channel, and we can’t wait to see him sharing his creative process with fans! You can watch the teaser on the link below.