NCT Taeyong’s Solo Song “Moonlight” Was Almost A Collab With SHINee’s Taemin

We NEED a Taeyong and Taemin collab!

NCT‘s Taeyong revealed that he hoped to collaborate on his song “Moonlight” with his SuperM groupmate, SHINee‘s Taemin!

NCT’s Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram
SHINee’s Taemin | @lm_____ltm/Instagram

Taeyong performed “Moonlight” as a solo stage during NCT 127‘s December 2021 concert, Neo City: Seoul — The Link.

| 디보티 devotee9571/YouTube

On March 2, footage of Taeyong’s preparations for his “Moonlight” performance was released on NCT 127’s official YouTube channel.

| NCT 127/YouTube

In the video, Taeyong revealed that he spent a lot of time thinking about which of his solo songs he should perform during the concert. He said he originally wanted to perform “Blue,” but he wanted to give “brighter energy” to the fans.

Ultimately, Taeyong decided that “Moonlight” was the perfect choice for the concert, even though he had originally planned to perform the song with Taemin. He said, “I actually made the song ‘Moonlight’ hoping to perform it with Taemin, but I’ll be doing it alone for this concert.”

Taemin is currently serving in the military, so Taeyong was unable to perform “Moonlight” with him. However, fans were touched that Taeyong wanted to perform with his hyung!

Hopefully, we’ll be able to see Taemin and Taeyong take the stage together soon!