NCT Taeyong’s Injury Has Relapsed; Will Be Absent From “Beyond LIVE” Concert & All Upcoming Schedules

Some fans are accusing SM Entertainment of money-grabbing and overworking artists.

Just days before NCT‘s upcoming Beyond LIVE concert, SM Entertainment has announced that Taeyong will be unable to participate in any upcoming schedules due to a relapsed injury.

On [date], SM Entertainment announced that NCT would be holding a new Beyond LIVE concert—NCT: Resonance – “Global Wave”. Set to air on Sunday, December 27 at 3:00PM Korean Standard Time, the event had NCTzens excited to see the whole group performing together as 23. However, SM Entertainment has now announced that Taeyong will be absent from the concert due to a relapsed waist disc injury.

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According to reports, Taeyong’s injury dates back to before NCT debuted, and in the past, the members revealed that he often complains of back pain.

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Recently, fans noticed signs that the injury could be resurfacing. Many say he’s been seen limping, clutching his waist, wearing a brace, and showing signs of pain and discomfort during schedules. Taeyong was also absent from a music show performance back in June this year due to health reasons, though SM Entertainment did not elaborate on whether the waist disc injury was the cause.

SM Entertainment has asked fans for their patience and understanding, assuring NCTzens that the company will be doing its best to ensure Taeyong receives successful treatment and recovers well.

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However, many fans are not happy with the way SM Entertainment has handled things. For one, some are confused about why the company chose to announce Taeyong’s absence through Beyond LIVE’s social media rather than NCT’s official accounts. Some fans first found out about Taeyong’s injury through follow member Doyoung‘s Dear U Bubble messages, which are only available to paid subscribers.

Others say the company has not been giving Taeyong’s injury the attention it needed from the start, citing dangerous choreography moves and overworked schedules.

Some fans are even suspicious that the company may not be letting Taeyong rest at all.

And with the Beyond LIVE event just days away, many fans have already purchased tickets at $40 USD each. The cancellation period for ticket purchases ended at three hours before SM Entertainment announced Taeyong’s absence, leading some to wonder if the company purposely delayed the statement in order to secure more sales.

The concert is set to have nine multi-cams focusing on specific members. Taeyong has now been removed from Multi-Cam 1 (which also features Jisung), and Yuta will take his place. Some fans are calling on SM Entertainment to postpone the concert entirely to allow the members to rest, especially as Jisung has also recently been absent from activities due to an ongoing knee injury.

That said, Jisung is still currently set to attend NCT: Resonance – “Global Wave” pending any future announcements. Alongside missing the concert, SM Entertainment says Taeyong will be absent from all schedules in the foreseeable future—presumably until he recovers. While waiting for his return, fans are tweeting well wishes and messages of hope with the hashtag #GetWellSoonTaeyong.

Source: Beyond LIVE (VLIVE)