NCT’s Ten Apologizes To Cameraman For Funny “RESONANCE” MV Filming Mistake

“Sorry, Mr. Cameraman.” – Ten

Following the release of NCT 2020’s “RESONANCE” music video, Ten decided to share a moment from the behind-the-scenes filming of it.

While the video was full of charisma, he revealed that one of those scenes took a hilarious turn for the cameraman.

| 威神V_TEN_李永钦/Weibo

During a dance break toward the end of the music video, Ten did a quick yet graceful spin. He then kicked out toward the camera to switch the scene to an entirely different one. It didn’t happen quite that smoothly when it was filmed.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

In a clip Ten uploaded, that kick was all real. He’d kicked the camera with so much force that it tumbled to the side.

| tenlee_1001/Instagram

Being the sweet guy that he is, Ten couldn’t share the humorous moment without apologizing to the person that had been behind the camera when it happened.

Sorry, Mr. Cameraman. I actually kicked the camera. HAHA. No hard feelings.

— Ten

Even though Ten might’ve been just a little bit too close to the camera, it proved that he truly gives every performance his all.

Check out how well Ten’s accidental kick had turned into a super smooth transition here.


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