NCT’s Ten Goes Viral For His Accidental “Nip-Slip” At The Airport

He handled it like a champ!

Wardrobe malfunctions are things that often occur in K-Pop. Idols wear expensive and creative outfits on stage while intensely dancing and singing, meaning mishaps are bound to happen.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura and TWICE‘s Momo are just some of the idols to which this occurrence happened, and each star handled the malfunction with the utmost professionalism.

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura | Melon Music Awards

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NCT‘s Ten recently went viral for his wardrobe malfunction, this time at the airport!

NCT’s Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

On May 16, KST, Ten arrived at Incheon Airport, heading to Thailand for the Saint Laurent Pop-Up store event. The star was dressed extremely fashionably and debuted his new blond hair color!

Once he made it in front of the doors to the airport, Ten stopped one last time to pose for the media. While standing there, his extremely low-cut shirt slipped open, revealing his nipple.

Once he realizes his shirt is open, he pulls the shirt up, smiling shyly because of the mishap.


While he seemed a little embarrassed, this moment likely didn’t phase him in the slightest. Ten often goes shirtless for performances and other instances, explaining that body positivity is the reason.

The idol was even awarded “Nude of the Year” by Mark in a past content video, where it was explained that Ten is the member that often wears the least amount of clothes.

| SM Entertainment

Since his airport arrival, clips of the moment were shared online, with one TikTok earning over one million views. A fan-taken photo set shared on Twitter has also hit over one million views and several thousand interactions.


TEN😭 #ten #wayv #nct

♬ Japanizu Goburin Oneesan by Nayla – Naylaちゃん

Fans have reacted hilariously to this moment, with many praising Ten for his handsome good looks or jokingly telling other users not to look at him.


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