NCT’s Ten Invites Fans To Make “Paint Me Naked” Inspired Art, But 10velys Were Way Ahead Of Him

Talented artists must attract talented fans!

NCT‘s Ten awed fans with his creatively redesigned teaser photos! The artist posted his pictures covered with his own signature art style on Instagram.

Following the release of “Paint Me Naked,” the official WayV Weibo account posted and encouraged fans to create their own artwork, just like Ten! The Weibo event will be from August 10 to August 16, and three lucky winners will be awarded signed polaroids from Ten himself.

However, 10velys had already been sharing their own interpretations of Ten’s photoshoots online. Using the hashtag #paintwithten, hundreds of fans have posted artwork using the teaser photos.

Some fans have even been inspired to draw over photos of Ten’s beloved cats, Louis and Leon!

Ten inspired tons of his fans to pick up their pens and start drawing, and the results are so stunning!

Check out “Paint Me Naked” below for some inspiration!

Source: WayV Weibo, krystenwintal, fluffychitta and Ten Instagram