NCT Ten’s Mom And Sister Pop Up At Birthday Fan Exhibition

His mom had to snap a few photos.

To make NCT‘s Ten birthday a special day for everyone, Thai fans held an exhibition dedicated to the idol and earned special appearances from those closest to him.

Ten | Weibo

The exhibition was such a success that fans filled up all four floors of the venue and were joined by everyday citizens who were curious about the event. Lucky fans were also joined by Ten’s mother and sister.

His mother was seen snapping photos of the messages fans left for Ten. In fact, they even left one as well.

A young woman with Ten’s mom. | @weishenvess/Twitter

Among fans’ well wishes for Ten to have a joyful birthday, his sister Tern made sure everyone knew she’d been there by writing, “Tern is here,” on a yellow note.

Tern’s yellow note in the center reads, “Tern is here.” | @nct_menfess/Twitter

Wearing a chic all-black outfit, Tern was seen taking photos of the lovely artwork at the exhibit.

Tern taking photos. | @nctzenbase/Twitter

Ten’s mother even took photos of Tern in front of one of the photo walls inspired by Ten’s song “Paint Me Naked”.

From his family to his fans (10velys, NCTzens, and WayZenNis), Ten is loved by many.

| Weibo