NCT’s Ten Reminisces About His “Free” Self In His School Days

“I was so free back then.”

NCT‘s Ten recently shared how he used to spend his days as a student!

Recently, NCT’s Johnny, Yuta, and Ten appeared on YouTube channel odg, where they talked to kids about their own childhood days!

After sharing their own stories of how they hang out with their friends, one of the kids asked Ten what he used to do back in Thailand!

Then what do you with your friends in Thailand, Ten?

Ten revealed that he used to play tons of games with his friends, and would also visit the beach often!

When I was young…we just played baseball or volleyball. Sometimes I went to the beach with my friends and we’d just sit on the sand and play in it.


He then further shared how he and his friends would also chill by the river near their school!

My school was next to the river. So, after school, we rode the boats; ate food. It was really fun, back in the days.


Upon being asked, Ten then revealed that he truly misses those days, where he could be free.

Everytime I see old photos, I want to ride a time machine and go back. I was so free back then.


You can watch Ten open up about his school days here!