NCT’s Ten Reveals The Hardest Part About Being In Three Groups And How He Balances It All

Even the dance king himself struggles with this!

As a member of NCTWayV, and SuperMTen definitely has a lot on his plate! Though the idol makes excellence look effortless, he recently spoke about what it’s like being in three different groups.

Ten is a member of NCT, WayV, and SuperM. He released his single “Paint Me Naked” on August 10. | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

Ten appeared on the DIVE Studios podcast Get Real and spoke about his new single “Paint Me Naked” as well as his career in general.

JUNNY, Ten, Ashley Choi, and Peniel. | DIVE Studios/YouTube 

Co-host JUNNY asked Ten how he balances being in multiple groups. Ten said he’d first have to thank his manager for helping him arrange his schedule!

| DIVE Studios/YouTube 

Ten said he does get breaks in between his comebacks which helps him out.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube 

However, he said it’s hard remembering all the different choreography!

| DIVE Studios/YouTube 

Even though Ten is a “natural dancer,” like co-host Ashley Choi said, Ten humbly said “Nah,” and admitted he forgets a lot of the dance moves.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube 

It’s impressive to be able to remember all the dances for one group, let alone three! Co-host Peniel joked that he has a hard time remembering BTOB‘s choreography: “I don’t blame you [for forgetting choreography]; we barely have any choreo and I forget all of it.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube 

Ten may say he struggles with remembering choreography, but it definitely doesn’t show during his captivating performances! With all the different groups and styles he does, it’s amazing how easy he makes it look.

Check out the clip from the episode below!

Source: DIVE Studios, Instagram and SMTOWNGLOBAL