NCT’s Ten Stuns As He Effortlessly Rocks A Pair Of High Heels On His Way To Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Show In Paris

“The leg movement, I love it.”

NCT‘s Ten gains attention for his airport fit as he makes his way to Paris for Fashion Week, effortlessly slaying in high heels.

NCT’s Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

As a long-standing member of NCT, Ten has been on the receiving end of plenty of praise for his sheer talent and visuals. Yet, his wholesome personality has also always been the highlight for his fans. Recently, for one, he was praised for learning sign language—despite already speaking multiple languages.

But in addition to his many qualities, Ten is also a fashion icon. This has been proven by the fact that he was invited to attend the Yves Saint Laurent Men’s Winter 23 fashion show.

Ten arrived at Incheon Airport dressed in a sleek black fit, perfectly exuding elegance.

Fans were in love with his effortless visuals…

…but all attention was soon drawn to Ten’s shoes. He had paired his military-style jacket and trousers with a pair of black leather boots that reached up to his knees. And sported a pair of gorgeous high heels.

It seemed as if, as soon as he came into view, it was all fans could see.

He rocked them effortlessly…

…making everyone everywhere obsessed.

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on about Ten’s departure to Paris, it’s that he absolutely ate.

Now, fans have his outfit for the Yves Saint Laurent show to look forward to!


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