NCT’s Ten Says He Wore His Iconic Chain Shirt Because His First Choice Was Too Extreme

It would’ve been legendary, but we like the chain shirt too!

NCT‘s Ten broke the Internet when the first teaser photos of his solo song “Paint Me Naked” were released! The artist wore a shirt made only of connected chains and it was such a moment.

Ten for his song “Paint Me Naked.” | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

During his appearance on the DIVE Studios podcast Get Real, Ten spoke about the music video and his outfits. While explaining his chain shirt, he said “I’m shirtless — no, I’m not shirtless. I’m wearing a shirt with a chain on me.

JUNNY (left) and Ten. | DIVE Studios/YouTube

The hosts JUNNYAshley Choi, and Peniel didn’t understand quite what he meant until he showed them a picture and they said it looked really cool, though it’s definitely more chain than shirt.


Ten was super involved in the entire making of this song and music video; he said, “I was very lucky that our company allowed me to really design my shirt.” He sent them a ton of ideas that were used in the music video styling.


However, Ten revealed that the chain top actually wasn’t his first choice! He instead wanted to paint his body but the company said it was “too extreme” so he decided to wear the chain instead.


Ten said that the chain shirt looks even more extreme than the paint would have! Hopefully one day we get to see Ten’s painted vision but for now, the chain shirt and paint storm in “Paint Me Naked” will have to do.

JUNNY, Ten, Ashley Choi, and Peniel. | DIVE Studios/YouTube

Check out the music video below to see the chain shirt in action!

And here’s a clip from their podcast episode!

Source: DIVE Studios and SMTOWNGLOBAL