Bring Ten Home: Fans Demand Better Treatment For NCT’s Ten From SM Entertainment 

They want Ten out of Shanghai, and more.

Fans are calling out SM Entertainment, alleging that the agency is not treating one NCT member fairly.


In 2021, Ten joined the cast of The Great Dance Crew, a Chinese dance competition show where street dancers compete to be named the top dance crew. Ten is one of the show’s team leaders, along with several other seasoned idols, including WSJN’s Cheng Xiao and Miss A’s Fei.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 outbreaks and China’s strict pandemic policies, The Great Dance Crew has experienced filming delays, during which Ten stayed in Shanghai (the show’s filming location). This caused him to miss out on NCT promotions and more.

Shanghai is currently in a city-wide lockdown, which grows direr by the day. Residents have reported food shortages, limited to no medical access, and extreme mental anguish.

In light of Shanghai’s lockdown, some NCTzens are now calling for SM Entertainment to either bring Ten back to Korea or to his family in Thailand.

Fans are worried about Ten’s safety and mental health, but also his lack of activities. In a recent live broadcast, Ten told fans, “I’m doing nothing really. I’ll just like wait, wait, wait for another shooting to start. Just waiting for everything to settle down then start doing my stuff.” 

Fans’ frustrations stem from current events, but also from an alleged history of mistreatment that they say Ten has endured throughout his career at SM Entertainment.

Now, some fans are tweeting the hashtags #SMTreatTENBetter and #bringtenbacktokorea to draw attention to the issue, hoping SM Entertainment will take action soon.