Too Much Information? NCT’s Ten Goes Viral For Dirty TMI Story

This was truly “too much information!”

NCT‘s Ten has gone viral for his unexpectedly dirty TMI story!


K-Pop idols often are asked to share TMIs. In English, “TMI” is an abbreviation for “too much information.” It’s usually something deeply personal and even embarrassing. Yet, in Korean, “TMI” is basically used to mean irrelevant or a random incident of one’s day. International fans have been confused about why idols’ TMIs are so tame, considering the phrase’s meaning.

What does TMI mean in kpop?
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Now, Ten has shown he understands the true meaning of “TMI” on a recent episode of DIVE Studios‘ podcast UNBELIEVABLE, hosted by Ten, Yangyang, and Han Heejun.

On Episode 2 of UNBELIEVABLE, DIVE Studios founder and solo artist Eric Nam guested. Everyone took turns sharing their TMI stories. Yangyang revealed he accidentally binge-watched K-Drama Celebrity in one sitting.

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On the other hand, Ten revealed a parenting story from caring for his three cats, Louis, Leon, and Levi. He was cleaning out his cat’s litter and chose to put their poop into the toilet.

I raise three cats, and I had to clean out the cat litter. So, that night … I put like my cat’s like poopoo into like the toilet, and then it got like clogged.

— Ten

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Unfortunately, it clogged the toilet! Eric Nam was in disbelief the cats’ poop clogged the toilet. So, Yangyang joked it was actually a tiger, not a house cat.

Eric Nam: Your toilet was clogged with a cat poop?

Ten: Yeah!

Yangyang: It was a tiger!

Ten revealed he had bought a clogging gun rather than a plunger. So, the NCT members had to explain to Eric Nam what this device was.

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Ten: So, now, I brought, like, you know, like the gun, the clogging gun.

Eric Nam: Is there a clogging gun?

Yangyang: Yes, there is!

Ten: So, first, you like, press the air in and then you shoot it with a gun. So, I bought that and it’s like my new toy.

Eric Nam: That sounds so fun.

While Ten was initially excited about his “new toy,” things took a turn for the worst. He did not use it right, so he accidentally exploded his cats’ poop onto himself!

I was like, ‘Oh, let’s try it this time!’ So, I pumped the air in, and then you had to put it in deep, but I didn’t know that. So, I just like, ‘Boom,’ and then the poop is like… On my face.

— Ten

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If that was not bad enough, it was super late at night/early in the morning, and Ten was tipsy from a glass of wine.

Ten: And that was like at 4 AM in the morning after I watched the drama. I’m very sleepy, and I had like the one glass of wine, so I’m kind of like tipsy. Plus, I got poop all over my body.

Eric Nam: So you exploded cat poop in your own bathroom?

Ten: Yeah, on my face.

Ten’s story went viral across on X (formerly known as Twitter) and TikTok with over 60K and 90K views, respectively. Netizens praised Ten for sharing a truly “too much information” TMI.


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Watch the full episode below.

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