NCT U’s Spotify Allegedly Hacked

Fans have been reporting the hack to Spotify.

On January 4, NCTzens noticed that a new song was posted on NCT U‘s official Spotify account. The song is not by NCT U, which led many fans to believe that the group’s Spotify was hacked.

NCT U | @nct/Instagram

Although the song “What You Need” has NCT U listed as the artist, fans immediately knew the song wasn’t by the K-Pop boy group.

| NCT U/Spotify

When they checked the song’s credits, they saw that the song was written and produced by someone named Kemony.

There is an artist named Kemony who has his own official Spotify account, and he is presumably the hacker of NCT U’s account.

| Kemony/Spotify

When fans played the track, they were greeted by a trap-inspired beat accompanying a man singing lyrics like “Why am I so sad?” and “Everyone left me by my side.” The song sounded nothing like any of NCT U’s previous releases.

Fans took to Twitter and TikTok to spread the news of the alleged hack.

This is not the first time NCT U’s Spotify account has been allegedly hacked. In November 2021, another artist’s songs were listed on the K-Pop group’s official artist page.

While many fans believe “What U Need” and the songs that were uploaded to NCT U’s account in November were uploaded by hackers, it’s possible that the songs were somehow incorrectly tagged by Spotify’s system. As of right now, “What U Need” is still listed as an NCT U song.