Fans Call Out SM Entertainment’s Treatment Of NCT’s Winwin, Trending “Winwin Deserves Better”

“… They are using his success but never promote him!”

Fans are demanding better treatment for NCT‘s Winwin, trending “Winwin deserves better” on Twitter.

WayV’s Winwin

Since his debut, Winwin has gained attention for his dance, vocal, and rap skills.

Along with his unreal visuals.

But despite Winwin’s talent, fans are again raising concerns about the idol’s treatment by SM Entertainment.

Currently, fans are focusing on the fact that Winwin has starred on the front of nine magazine covers…

| @VoteForWinwin/Twitter

But SM Entertainment didn’t promote any of these activities.

Most recently, Winwin was featured in SuperELLE Magazine’s June 2023 issue, but SM Entertainment didn’t update fans about Winwin’s solo activity.

Especially considering SM Entertainment’s promises in SM 3.0 to treat artists fairly, fans demand that the company live up to their promise.

You can read more about how fans feel SM Entertainment has failed to uphold what was promised in SM 3.0 here.

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