WayV’s Xiaojun Faces Backlash For “Fatshaming” Comments About Kun

“When you known someone has struggled with something, you don’t make jokes about that.”

In a recent video of WayV reacting to their newest track, Xiaojun made comments towards fellow member Kun that have drawn attention. Many fans have considered Xiaojun‘s words to be fatphobic or body shaming.

WayV’s Xiaojun | SM Entertainment
WayV’s Kun | SM Entertainment

WayV’s newest physical album will be released on November 11, but the group has already shared the digital album and music videos for tracks, including “On My Youth.”

As with other MV releases made by SM Entertainment groups, WayV recorded a reaction video to their release. As the group watched the part of the MV where Kun was lying down, Ten asked what he was doing.

After Hendery jokes that Kun had fallen, Xiaojun remarks that Kun “must’ve been too heavy” as reasoning for it happening.

Kun throws a side eye at Xiaojun after the comment, but the group continues continue their watch-through.

Fans have expressed disappointment over Xiaojun’s comments, especially considering Kun’s previously shared struggles with his weight and image.

As fans wait for some response, many have taken to sharing positive messages to Kun in the ways that they can.

Many have chimed in to share their feelings and recognize while the comment may have been made in a joking manner, it should serve as a reminder to take consideration when discussing considerate topics.

You can check out the full video below.