Is NCT’s Yuta Really Friends With An Anti-Korean Incel? Here Are The Facts

Things aren’t always as they seem.

NCT‘s Yuta is under fire for allegedly continuing to hang out with a problematic YouTuber.

NCT’s Yuta

In 2020, Yuta revealed he was “close friends” with YouTuber Rhee Kun. He confessed that they hung out.

These days I’m also close to, not sure if you know him, he’s a YouTuber called Rhee Kun. I’ve been close with him lately. We met up yesterday too.

— Yuta

Previously, Rhee Kun posted a video of himself listening to NCT 127‘s “Fire Truck” in a car.

Netizens recognized Rhee Kun as an alleged controversial content creator. He was considered to be a Japanese nationalist, known for both alleged anti-Korean and misogynistic practices through his online content.

Rhee Kun’s photo caption: I’m here to attend a protest.

Rhee Kun’s poster in his hand: Moon Jae In has ruined the economy that Park Geunhye saved!

Rhee Kun’s YouTube videos were allegedly highly offensive and controversial, ranging from everything including anti-Korea/pro-Japan matters, sexist/misogynistic subject matters, and honestly, both topics in one, such as “comfort women.”

| @Nobleman/YouTube

How to have sex with a pretty Korean girl who has done plastic surgery

— Rhee Kun’s thumbnail title

Rhee Kun had also allegedly used both f(x)‘s Sulli and SHINee‘s Jonghyun for click-bait. Not only is this incredibly insensitive, but they were SM Entertainment label-mates of Yuta.


When Yuta revealed his friendship with Rhee Kun, netizens also discovered that they were mutuals on Instagram. At the time, Rhee Kun was one of only nine people Yuta was following on social media.

2020 Yuta’s following on Instagram

During the controversy, some NCTzens pointed out that most of Rhee Kun’s inappropriate content was posted in the past, and his recent YouTube videos were not nearly as problematic.

Likewise, Rhee Kun’s sister DJ Gatti defended her brother in a now-deleted Instagram post. She claimed that Rhee Kun’s content was taken out of context and mistranslated.

| DJ Gatti

Rhee Kun also spoke out when he saw news publications writing about Yuta and his friendship. He addressed being referred to as “anti-Korean,” saying that he himself is actually Korean, not Japanese.

okok thats how you’re gonna wrote about it yahoo. wait but this pic of yuta is so good help who tf is the anti korean youtuber i’m korean

— Rhee Kun via @thistacobae/Twitter

i never said i’m anti korean right? yeah. do people still not understand that in this society one article could harm a person so much? a time in which being misunderstood and forced to drink bitter water (meaning being bashed) and giving up is over already. this time, to protect each person, i’ll be using the full power i have to put things back in place.

— Rhee Kun via @thistacobae/Twitter

Reportedly, his family reported and sued seven news outlets that slandered him, winning all the lawsuits.

| @cherrinumb/Twitter

While SM Entertainment never directly addressed the scandal, the company took down Yuta’s live broadcast to edit out the portion in which he recommended his friend’s YouTube channel. Also, due to backlash, Yuta unfollowed Rhee Kun on Instagram. He has also not followed him back since.

Yuta’s current following on Instagram

Despite this, netizens have alleged that the two are still friends and have recently hung out. So, Yuta is receiving criticism for allegedly associating with an incel.

Some NCTzens are saying this is misinformation, though. For one, Yuta hung out with his friend in 2022. Secondly, the friend in question is alleged to not even be Rhee Kun.

The photo and video taken of Yuta with the alleged friend were originally posted by a fan account of GOT7‘s Mark Tuan in October 2022.

Everyone, we met Yuta from nct. Confused, like, like, like, like, why did I realize that it was Yuta so late? Well, he’s been sitting for a very long time. This and his friend are sitting and eating without caring. Until he asked to move the table to sit in the end and here he looked and secretly talked about why Koreans drink coffee in the evening. It’s like, ah, ah, ah, yuta!!!!

And before this is the mouse on the way that I am here to see the idol in this area This is like interrupting friends. During Halloween, there are so many people, they won’t come out. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

— @mtuan96s/Twitter via Auto Translation

And at first, like, well, that person is so handsome. Feel like Haruto Yutarai My friend turned to look and was startled. You Yuta!!!!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

— @mtuan96s/Twitter via Auto Translation

In the end, in the end, did not dare to ask to take a picture (a couple) and ask for any design. Fear of disturbing personal time And this is with my best friend trying not to shake At that time, the exclamation of one word was you will cry

Let’s go ahead, it’s really a coincidence because the shop that I found is in the plan
And they came in when they were full and were frantically taking pictures. Another peak is when taking a photo of Yuta sitting behind his friend (who is already Jensen), but he doesn’t know how close he is to the handsome man.

— @mtuan96s/Twitter via Auto Translation

The resurfaced controversial photo and video of Yuta with the alleged friend are both taken out of context and from months ago either way.