NCT’s Yuta Reveals What He Wants Fans To Take Away From Their New Song And It Will Make You Cry

His answer will make you cry.

NCT just released the MV for their song “From Home”, and Yuta revealed his honest thoughts on the song!

NCT held a live broadcast to celebrate the release of their new MV, and had a fun time together answering questions and joking around!

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As they talked about the song, they were asked about what they want NCTzens (their fandom name) to feel after listening to “From Home”. Yuta then revealed the number one thing he wants fans to gain from listening to the song.

What feelings do you want NCTzens to have after listening to the song?

He opened up about his thoughts and said that he wants their fans to feel their sincerity through the song. Yuta also stated that because he knows what it feels like to be lonely, he wants their fans to know that they’re not alone because NCT’s always with them!

Just…the fact that you’re not alone. I want them to feel that they’re not alone. Because I’ve felt lonely sometimes. But there are the members, I can hold on thanks to them.


This brought on cute side-hugs from both Doyoung and Renjun, because his members have got his back!

Fans are super soft at this moment, and are quick to reassure Yuta that he’s definitely not alone, too!

NCT just released the MV for their song “From Home” as part of their promotions for NCT 2020. They also released their first album as NCT 2020 last week, titled NCT 2020 Resonance Pt. 1.

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Watch the MV for “From Home” here!


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