Be Prepared To Be Knocked Out By This Group’s Exciting Dance Practice Video

The members’ smooth moves pack quite the punch

SM Entertainment’s ten-member (presently nine-member) group NCT 127 released a dance practice video for their latest single “Punch.” Check out their choreography below:

The song’s lyrics focus on fighting against the odds for something meaningful and worthwhile. The verses describe various examples of that struggle, from fighting for a relationship to fighting for one’s dreams.

While it may not sound quite as intense as the group’s previous release, “Kick It,” “Punch” is still a song that has the energy to hype up any listener. Their complex choreography can simultaneously showcase the group’s unity and synchronicity while also highlighting each member’s skills, something NCT 127 excels in.

The group also promised NCTzens a special dance practice video once the official music video for “Punch” reaches 20 million views. Stay tuned for that upcoming video!

Source: NCTsmtown Official Twitter