NCT127 Gives Hip Thrusting Lessons in English and Fans Are Going Crazy

From hip thrusts to leg splits, NCT 127 covers all parts of “Cherry Bomb” choreography!

NCT127 surprised their fans with a special “Cherry Bomb” choreography tutorial on Teen Vogue’s YouTube page!


With English fluent members like Johnny and Mark teaching the highlight moves of “Cherry Bomb”, fans are losing their minds with all the hip-thrusting action!


Fans immediately fell in love with the members interacting, having fun while teaching everyone how to kill it like they do on stage.

  • “I can watch this all day.”

  • “My day has been made!”

  • “I just have to start stanning them or else I won’t be able to live…”


Teen Vogue suggested stretchy pants as you try this on your own:

Source: Teen Vogue