NCT127’s Mark Releases His “High School” Vlog— And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Mark fit his YouTuber persona a little TOO well, and NCTzens are living for it.

For NCT127‘s recent YouTube series “NCT 127 High School”, Mark played the role of a YouTube vlogger. And turns out, the camera was not just a prop, and was actually filming the entire time. The footage is reminiscent of an actual high school student’s daily vlog, and NCTzens can’t get enough of YouTuber Mark.

| NCT127/YouTube

From sharing random tidbits of his day, to introducing his classmates, Mark embodied your typical high school vlogger.

One of the appealing traits a good vlogger must have is making the viewer feel like a close friend who is “in” on the jokes and situations, and feel as if they are there with the vlogger in the moment. And Mark does a good job with this, whispering to the camera what was happening, and including viewers as if they were there at school with him too.

NCTzens were comparing Mark to the popular kid in high school who is friends with everyone— even the teachers. And honestly, it’s pretty accurate.

In conclusion, Mark is the cutest YouTuber and NCTzens can’t get enough of it.