NCT’s Jungwoo And Doyoung Dish On Which Genre They Want To Try Next

We’d love to hear any genre from NCT!

Being as talented as they are, NCT has crushed several genres of music! While they have done many, Jungwoo and Doyoung revealed in their recent Cosmopolitan Korea interview, which genre they’d like to try next!

The interviewer first questioned whether they ever have had a personal clash with the type of genres NCT focused on.

Q: Do you sometimes feel a conflict between the music style you two pursue and the genre of NCT?

Me and all the members have different tastes. Of course, it would be nice to do only the genre you pursue, but it is actually a difficult situation. So I have a lot of thoughts about finding what I can do better in any genre of songs. If I do that, even if it’s not my style, I think I’ll grow fond of it. It’s a song we make anyway.

— Jungwoo


Doyoung added that loving one genre between several members is definitely a tough part of the process; however, he claimed they are able to make it work.

It is difficult to consider each member’s taste in music. We like music, and we are people who gather for the same dream. No matter what kind of music we play, the most important thing is to show us the music given to us at this time in a better way. And seeing the result we completed together is also satisfying. All the moments when we can play any song are precious to us now.

— Doyoung

With what they said in mind, the interviewer proceeded and asked the two the type of music genre they’d like to pursue in the future.

Q: What genre would you like to challenge in particular?

I want to try reggae sound if I challenge myself now.

— Doyoung

While Doyoung shared a new unheard genre from NCT, Jungwoo expressed his interest in revisiting the “Rock hip-hop genre.”

I like songs with a fast tempo, so I want to try rock hip-hop. Of course, there is a rock hip-hop genre among our songs, but I want to try it again.

— Doyoung

Fans surely loved the “Rock hip-hop genre” of NCT and of course, we’d love to see a reggae genre as well! Whatever genre they pursue, fans know NCT will absolutely crush it!

Source: Cosmopolitan Korea